Rollable Structural Composites

Making products Smaller, Lighter and Simpler – saving Money and the Environment

RolaTube Technology’s (RTL’s) proprietary Bi-stable Reeled Composite (BRC) technology allows a whole range of bulky pipes, tubes and devices to be coiled up, hugely reducing their size and weight. Uniquely, BRCs are stable whether coiled or extended. This allows, for example, a user to carry a five metre high communications mast as a 20 x 26 cm coil weighing around 5kg. Easily carried in a backpack this type of mast has been in use for over a decade, being much quicker and simpler to set up and take down than traditional telescopic and sectional masts as well as being far smaller and lighter to carry – critical to the user in challenging environments.

This is just one example of BRCs transforming a product. They have uses ranging from high-tech Satellite Booms to the inspection of Nuclear Power Reactors, from the protection of Cables and Overhead Power Lines to reducing the environmental and cash cost of installing pipelines, and even carrying Fibre Optic Monitoring lines to provide feedback on the performance of Civil Engineering structures. As well as being highly compact they can be driven far more simply and reliably than telescopic or sectional extendable arms, giving a new tool to the designer of robotic and deployment mechanisms. Last year they were successfully used to provide an extension mechanism on a satellite – see below – and are used for this type of purpose in critical tasks across a range of industries.

As they are made from Fibre Reinforced Composites, BRCs are usually lighter than traditional products. They are made from materials that, although assembled in a unique manner, are in everyday use in the Automotive, Aerospace and Marine industries. This allows RTL both to manufacture ranges of stock products using commodity material developed for the high-volume Automotive sector and to offer a service manufacturing custom, high performance products from the high-tech materials developed for the Aerospace sector.

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