Cable & Pipeline Sheathing

Cable Sheaths and Liners – tailored to the need at hand

From small cable management and protection solutions, applied with the ease of gaffer tape, through to large scale jackets and shrouds to protect and insulate major pipelines, RolaTube products are perfectly suited to the protection of pipes and cables. Their coiled nature provides logistical and storage advantages and they are inherently quick and simple to install.

They can be tailored to:

  • Provide structural strength or to be highly flexible
  • Insulate electrically and thermally
  • Provide protection against impact
  • Protect against chemical and other environmental hazards
  • Contain integrated heating elements
  • Carry cables, data lines, fibre optic lines and sensors to enhance infrastructure functionality


As well as protecting the outside of pipes, RolaTube liners offer significant advantages in remediating and upgrading pipes and flowlines across the areas of water, gas and other infrastructure organisations, along with the oil industry.

Available in very long lengths, they have none of the logistical issues associated with shipping and storing traditional materials and can be rapidly fitted into the bore and sealed in place. This can be done whilst reducing occlusion of the bore and working over much longer continuous lengths than traditional polymer swage liners.

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