7m Integrated Antenna Mast “RESQ” @ 136 – 175MHz

Recognising the benefits that their Integrated Antenna Mast (IAM) systems can bring to the emergency services, RolaTube has developed a 7m tall system specifically for this sector.

Completely removing the need for separate mast and antenna units, the IAM system integrates a high gain dipole antenna into the structural composite of the mast, so the operator simply deploys the mast and plugs the radio directly into the mast connection point.

This unique and patented capability outperforms any existing mast technology used in the civilian dismounted comms environments – exceptional portability, reliability, durability and speed of setup/recovery

Operating across the 136 – 175Mhz emergency frequency range and weighing only 8kg, the 7m RESQ system is designed to be used in forward operating base type applications, where range, power and portability are key performance criteria.

With a packed size of only 30cm x 43cm x 38cm, the 7m RESQ brings enormous logistical benefits to the storing, transport and deployment of temporary communications networks

The following accessory kits allow improved RF capability without compromising portability:

  • Lightweight L-Band antenna system mounted on top of the mast with low loss cable dropping to the ground level
  • HF Dipole wire accessory kit, allowing the mounting of horizontal or sloping HF wire aerials
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