Save the Children Nepal

3″ Single Mast System

Ideal for the rapid deployment of lightweight systems for the mobile user. Shown left is a 5m Mast System deployed as a lighting rig by Save the Children during the Nepal earthquake.

Available as a standard item in both black and orange, it can be ordered in a range of other colours subject to minimum order quantities.

Part NoSizeSystemTop Load Kg (lb)Weight of System Kg (lb)
950-303000-3-13m 3"Mast System Black11 (24)4
950-303000-5-13m 3"Mast System Orange11 (24)4
950-304000-3-14m 3"Mast System Black7 (15)4.5
950-304000-5-14m 3"Mast System Orange7 (15)4.5
950-305000-3-15m 3"Mast System Black5 (11)5.25
950-305000-5-15m 3"Mast System Orange5 (11)5.25
950-307000-3-17m 3"Mast System Black2 (4.4)8.75
950-307000-5-17m 3"Mast System Orange2 (4.4)8.75
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