Established in 1998, RTL Materials Ltd owns the Intellectual Property for the unique Bi-Stable Reeled Composite (BRC). Stable in both its rolled and unrolled state, the BRC has the added benefit of allowing the integration of antennas, cables and other such items.

These characteristics have allowed us to develop bespoke solutions for industries as varied as Nuclear, Space, Defence and Civil Engineering along with our range of standard masts, tripods and integrated antenna masts (IAMs).

Since its first commercial application in the core inspection of a nuclear power station, this truly disruptive technology has attracted attention from engineers and product designers worldwide.

With over 95% of its sales being for export, mainly into defence applications, our standard products are also suitable for use in the civil defence and humanitarian sectors and are now available in appropriate colours and, in the case of the Integrated Antenna Masts, frequency ranges.

We have worked with Cambridge University, the Surrey Space Centre and many household names across the world on both research projects and product development. If you feel we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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