Defence Products

Masts based on RTL’s technology were first used in Iraq in 2003 and continued to see extensive service in Afghanistan throughout the conflict there. In comparison with telescopic or sectional masts they are far more compact when transported and quicker and easier to deploy and withdraw. They are also very rugged and withstand harsh environments, having been tested to the relevant sections of MIL-STD-810G.

In Afghanistan they were used to allow Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) equipment designed to prevent attacks with IEDs to be taken off vehicles and carried by troops on foot for the first time.

In addition to our range of masts and tripods, we have now introduced a range of Integrated Antenna Masts. These unique products integrate antennas into the structure of the BRC mast. This allows quick set up of communications with considerably less weight than a traditional antenna system.

If you cannot find a product that meets your requirement on our website, feel free to contact us or one of our distributors to see how we can design and produce custom equipment to fit your needs.

RolaTube's 5m masts pack into a 19 X 26 cm coil
RolaTube's 5m masts pack into a 19 X 26 cm coil
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