81mm Mortar Aiming Post Kit

Mortar Aiming Post Kit

System Part Number: 953-151400-3-1

RolaTube Technology has developed a low volume, lightweight Mortar Aiming Post Kit to replace the traditional pole systems currently in service.

As well as benefitting from the compact nature of the BRC, further mass and volume reduction has been achieved by designing the posts such that they can also be used as the cleaning staff.

The aiming post has also been designed with a mounting hole such that Chemlights or strobe lights can be mounted in a shrouded (directional light) manner in order to mark out pathways at night.

The RolaTube - Mortar Aiming Post
  • 1.4m in length with red/white dashed line
  • Kit contains six tubes (4 tubes for the aiming posts and 2 tubes (doubled up) for the staff section)
  • Aluminium foot plate with non-slip hatching and curved edges
  • Foot plates either side of the centre are boot width
  • Screw on footplate for securing the RolaTube
  • Spike is brass and can be screwed onto / off the footplate
Ground Spike and Foot Plate
Barrel Brush Attachment
  • Screw fitting compatible with GFE brush
  • NB Brush not supplied with kit
  • NB Tubes must be used doubled up for barrel scrubbing

For night operation:

  • IR (or visible) APALs can be stuck to the face of the tube
  • IR or visible chemsticks can be hung from the top of the tube so that they sit along the red/white dashed line
Night Operation
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Product CodeDescriptionWeight KgQuantity
851-1514001.4m RolaTube0.36
800-000104Foot Plate/Ground Spike0.854
800-000103Brush Connector0.351
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