The REX product range is specifically designed and developed to service the Expeditionary market for Military, Blue Light and Humanitarian applications.

REX products can be delivered as an integrated system direct to the end user or can be procured by an integrator for inclusion in a larger system. The nature of the RolaTube technology also enables REX to work with the end user or integrator to develop bespoke technical solutions.

Using patented RolaTube technology, REX systems deliver significantly enhanced performance to end users in terms of portability, deployment times, simplicity and robustness when compared to traditional solutions.

  • Weight: RolaTubes are significantly lighter than traditional systems and can therefore reduce the load burden on front line operators
  • Bulk: As a rolled product the RolaTube will occupy a much smaller volume than traditional solutions, delivering huge benefits for portability and storage
  • Speed: Due to their simplicity, RolaTube systems are much faster to deploy and recover when compared to traditional sectional type products
  • Robust: Being manufactured from high performance plastic composite materials, RolaTube systems offer exceptional strength to weight ratios, as well as the inherent robustness of composites
  • Reliability: There are no sections to join, seize up or break making RolaTubes more reliable for deployment in the field
  • Integrated Technology: Antennas, fibreoptics and conductors can be integrated into the composite masts, providing an efficient and reliable means of deployment with improved propagation and reduced risk of damage
  • Safe: The composite is fibreglass based which is safer against lightning strike and other electrical hazards
  • Ease of use: RolaTube systems are inherently easy to use, straightforward to train and simple to maintain
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