21st Century Breaching

8th October 2020 Uncategorised

21st Century Breaching (River Front Services, Inc. (RFS)) in the US, have designed the 21st Century Breaching Kit (21CBK) products using RolaTube’s bi-stable technology.
These kits are designed with three things in mind: SAFETY, Speed, and Simplicity.
RolaTube facilitates the speed and simplicity, as well as providing substantial space-saving benefits.

The following video clips quickly and clearly demonstrate this:

Speed as it is used to support and enhance a door charge:

Speed and strength as it is used to support a 50lb wall breach charge, going from around the guy’s wrist to full extension and use in seconds: https://lnkd.in/euuivd9

How to use “Instant Stick” when building charges, notice it is the backing for the charges: https://lnkd.in/eYP79F5

These products are compatible with current systems and techniques, and all were developed through personal experiences with military dynamic entry and explosive breaching, and corporate experience with cutting edge technologies.

For more information please contact Don Brown of RFS Don.Brown@riverfrontservicesinc.com or visit their website https://21breach.com/

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