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Emergency Services

At Rolatube, we are dedicated to providing solutions that excel in the most demanding environments faced by the Emergency Services. Rolatube products are the perfect fit for users within Emergency Services, as they are designed for rapid deployment in demanding environments. When every second counts and agility is paramount, Rolatube's cutting-edge products are your ultimate ally in the emergency sector. Our innovative designs are tailor-made for rapid deployment in the harshest and most challenging environments.


Rolatube products have been tried, tested and are trusted by the most demanding sector: the military. We have created this range of products to bring the same benefits to the Emergency Services sector that also demand quality solutions that bring unrivalled weight, space, and time advantages.

Our solutions are designed to work in confined spaces. When your personnel need to access hard-to-reach areas, our products are the perfect tools, providing the versatility you require to get the job done safely and efficiently.​ In emergencies, you can't compromise on quality, and you certainly can't wait around for heavy, cumbersome equipment. Trust Rolatube for the lightweight, compact, and fast solutions when time is of the essence.

Portable Design

Man-portable and ideal for fast deployment in challenging environments, Rolatube mast and tripod systems are used by Search & Rescue teams, Fire & emergency services, Coastguard services, mountain rescue and disaster response charities worldwide.

Quickly Deployed

Accessories are available to provide even greater ease, speed and flexibility, and can enable deployment with just two personnel.

Space Saving

Engineered to empower and provide vital support for professionals operating in the most demanding and critical situations, our technology has demonstrated its indispensability, serving not only emergency response teams but also any agency where factors such as weight efficiency, space optimization, and rapid operational capabilities are of utmost importance.

Lightweight & Compact

Crafted to seamlessly align with the latest advancements in communication and surveillance technology, these systems exhibit a trifecta of attributes: they are lightweight, compact, and exceptionally robust.

What distinguishes Rolatube in the emergency services sector is our pioneering use of rollable composite material. This extraordinary material delivers an unparalleled blend of robustness and lightweight construction. In the demanding environment of emergency services, where equipment must withstand rugged conditions and constant usage, our rollable composite material guarantees durability and reliability.

​The emergency services sector encompasses a diverse array of critical applications, from search and rescue to disaster response, and from law enforcement to medical assistance. Rolatube products are renowned for their versatility and adaptability, making them a perfect fit for a wide spectrum of emergency service needs. Our mast systems can be utilized for missions like rapid deployment, surveillance, communication, and more, significantly enhancing operational effectiveness and response capabilities.

Explore the Range Suitable for Emergency Services

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