The Lightest Mast Systems in the World

Rolatube uses its unique rollable composite material to manufacture its lightweight mast system. Designed to complement advances in communication and surveillance technology, they are lightweight, compact and strong, bringing advantages to perimeter control, area lighting, and other site infrastructure applications.

Available in both Civilian and Military specifications, Rolatube masts provide users with unmatched weight- and space-savings, and easy and quick deployment and recovery.

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Rolatube technology in the Defence Sector

Rolatube's unique lightweight mast system is extremely quick to deploy and recover and was first proven in operations in Iraq in 2003, and then in extensive service in Afghanistan throughout the conflict. Rolatube's lightweight tactical masts clearly demonstrated that low weight, small packed volume and speed of deployment and recovery delivered substantial strategic advantages and gains in operational capability.

The omni-directional antenna built in to our Integrated Antenna Mast (IAM) dramatically improves communications performance compared to traditional solutions. By reducing equipment count and complexity, and combining it with low weight and minimal packed volume, the Rolatube IAM is revolutionising man-portable tactical communications in the world's toughest areas.

Military Mast Systems - Product Range

Rolatube Technology in the Civilian Sector

Rolatube masts provide dramatically increased capability to personnel deploying essential infrastructure in some of the world’s most challenging environments and scenarios.  The masts’ low weight and pack size, combined with a robust, waterproof construction, perfectly complements the advances in communication, sensor and surveillance technology. As a result, Rolatube masts have revolutionised the deployment of mobile and man-portable systems.

The Rolatube non-military spec range of mast systems brings the same benefits to other personnel working in inhospitable and hazardous terrains and situations. Bringing the same savings in space, weight and time, Rolatube mast systems enable comms, surveillance and illumination faster and easier than with traditional mast systems, as well as enabling the dismounted user easier and quicker access to previously inaccessible areas.

Civilian Mast Systems - Product Range