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Educational Mini Series: Part 1: The Essence of Rolatube's Rollable Composite Material

rolled up rolatube iam mast in multicam finish


Unlocking the Secrets of Rollable Composite Material


Rolatube's rollable composite material is not just a substance; it's a technological

breakthrough. This blend combines advanced materials, to provide unparalleled

strength, ensuring the structural integrity of mast systems without compromising on weight or flexibility.


Transforming Lightweight into Strength


The secret lies in the meticulous combination of materials, resulting in a rollable

composite that defies conventional expectations. The lightweight nature of the material

is complemented by an inherent strength that empowers mast systems to operate in

challenging environments without sacrificing durability.


Versatility in Design


The rollable composite material's unique properties enable the creation of mast

systems that are not only strong but also remarkably compact and agile. This versatility

in design opens new possibilities for applications requiring rapid deployment and



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