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Educational Mini Series: Part 4: Industrial Ingenuity – Rolatube Masts Transforming Work

industrial workers on site



In this segment, we showcase how Rolatube mast systems, crafted with the rollable composite material, become integral to streamlining operations in diverse industrial sectors. Explore the applications of these mast systems in civil engineering, infrastructure development, and more, witnessing first hand their impact on communication, surveillance, and infrastructure deployment.


Efficiency in Diverse Industrial Sectors


Rolatube mast systems, designed with the rollable composite material, bring efficiency and innovation to civil engineering, infrastructure development, and various industrial applications. The compact, portable, and weather-resistant design facilitates the deployment of radio communications, tactical networks, lighting and surveillance equipment at greater heights, transforming traditional infrastructure practices.


Streamlining Operations


In industrial applications, where every moment and resource count, Rolatube mast systems become integral to streamlining operations. The rollable composite material, coupled with advanced technology, delivers solutions that redefine how communication

and surveillance infrastructure are deployed in the industrial sector.


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