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Mobilising Connectivity: Revolutionising Emergency Services Communications

In the dynamic world of emergency services, seamless and reliable communication is

not just a convenience; it's a lifeline. Enter Rolatube's innovative System IAM RESQ

Integrated Antenna Mast— an engineering marvel designed to bring unparalleled

capability to Emergency and Search & Rescue agencies. Tailored specifically for this

critical sector, the System IAM RESQ is a game-changer, addressing the core

performance criteria of range, power, and portability in communications.


Designed for the Unpredictable


Emergency situations demand equipment that can swiftly adapt to varying conditions.

The System IAM RESQ 7m, for example, operates across the 136 – 175MHz frequency

range, making it perfectly suited for operating base applications where reliable and

powerful communication is non-negotiable.


Integration Redefined


What sets the System IAM RESQ apart is its seamless integration of a high-gain dipole

antenna into the structural composite of the mast. This innovative design eliminates the

need for separate mast and antenna units, streamlining deployment and significantly

reducing logistical challenges.


Key Features of the System IAM RESQ Integrated Antenna Mast


● Plug-and-Play Operation: Deploying the System IAM RESQ is as simple as it gets. The operator unfurls the mast, plugs a radio directly into the mast connection point, and communication begins—an essential feature in time-sensitive emergency situations.


● Compact and Lightweight: The System IAM RESQ 3.5m mast weighs just 1.9kgs (4.2lbs) and has a rolled size of 15cm x 15cm x 15cm (6″ x 6″ x 6″). The System IAM RESQ 3.5m mast offers a logistical breakthrough. It facilitates easy storage, transport, and rapid deployment, ensuring that communication networks can be swiftly established in emergency scenarios. The System IAM RESQ 7m version has a rolled size of 28cm x 40cm x 28cm (11″ x 16″ x 11″ approx) and a weight of 6.2kg (13.7lb), and is suitable for base camps.


● Exceptional Logistical Benefits: The integration of the antenna into the mast not only enhances performance but also brings enormous logistical benefits. The elimination of separate units simplifies storage requirements, reduces transport complexity, and accelerates the deployment of temporary communications networks.


Unmatched Performance and Adaptability


Zero Signal Loss Assurance: The structural composite material ensures there is no

conductivity or signal loss even when in contact with grounded objects. This feature is

crucial in dynamic emergency scenarios where the mast may encounter diverse

environmental challenges.


Enhanced Range Capability: The System IAM RESQ's high-efficiency omni-directional

antenna significantly increases range capability and performance for VOR

communications, surpassing traditional equipment and providing emergency services

with a critical advantage in challenging environments.


Expandable Capability: To further elevate the system's capability, ancillary kits are

available, allowing the mounting of additional lightweight antennas to the top of the

mast. This expansion capability extends the system to L-Band and data frequencies,

ensuring adaptability to evolving communication needs.


Aesthetics and Response Coordination


Branding Integration: Available in three colours to coordinate with emergency

response branding, the System IAM RESQ seamlessly blends functionality with

aesthetics. This attention to detail ensures that the mast not only performs

exceptionally but also aligns with the visual identity of the responding agency. Colours

include Orange, Blue and Black to suit the environment and application.


Empowering Emergency Responders


In the urgency of emergency response, every second counts. The System IAM RESQ

Integrated Antenna Mast stands as a beacon of innovation, offering emergency

response teams a tool that combines reliability, portability, and unmatched speed of

setup and recovery.


As we celebrate the System IAM RESQ's ability to redefine emergency communication,

we acknowledge its role as a vital component in empowering those on the front lines. In

the face of uncertainty, the System IAM RESQ stands tall—providing not just

connectivity but the assurance that, when every moment matters, communication

remains steadfast, reliable, and ready to respond.


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