The light weight, compact size, and speed and ease of deployment of the Rolatube single tube mast system for disaster response enables agencies to greatly enhance their capabilities. Essential lighting, communication, perimeter control and monitoring equipment can be easily transported to, and installed in the most challenging operational environments.

A range of accessories is available to enable users to tailor a Rolatube mast to their specific operational requirements. Adding a Rolacage enables even faster setup and recovery of a Rolatube mast as well as deployment to intermediate heights using the inbuilt brake. The Rolacage also enables easy vehicle mounting.

The Central Guy Control (CGC) reduces the number of personnel required to control the guy ropes during setup, enabling just 2 personnel to deploy the mast.

The Rolatube tripod can be supplied with an adaptor to enable it to be used as a mast support system. This reduces the number of personnel required to deploy the mast and can also remove the need for guy ropes where conditions allow.