The SYSTEM 75 Civilian Mast System has been specifically designed to increase the response capability of organisations such as the Police, Fire, Search and Rescue, and NGOs by providing a system which minimises packed volume, weight and complexity. Fast setup is a core feature of Rolatube masts, making a SYSTEM 75 mast ideal in a temporary or semi-permanent radio communications installation for example.  Essential lighting, communication, perimeter control and monitoring equipment can be easily transported to, and quicky installed in the most challenging operational environments.

A range of accessories is available to enable users to tailor the SYSTEM 75 mast to specific operational requirements. Adding a Rolacage enables even faster setup and recovery of the mast as well as the ability to set the delpoyed height at any point up tot the maximum using the inbuilt brake. The Rolacage is also incorporates vehicle mounting holes for easy transportation on emergency and disaster response vehicles.