Where there is a requirement for increased heights or to carry a heavier top load, a Rolatube SYSTEM 75 man portable tactical mast can be deployed. Operational units gain signicant tactical advantages by using a SYSTEM 75 mast as packed volume, weight and complexity are minimised whilst setup and recovery time is reduced to a few minutes.

The ultra-portable lightweight tactical mast is manufactured using Rolatube’s unique rollable composite to provide reliable, maintenance free operation over its lifetime. Set up with minimum personnel, the mast contains no moving parts to jam, freeze or that need maintenance. The mast system also complies with the requirements of MIL-STD-810G.

The Rolatube SYSTEM 75 man portable tactical mast is available in single or double tube configurations depending on operational requirements, as well as in Multicam or black finishes.

A range of  accessories is available to complement the mast system including brackets for side mount antennas.