3.5m IAM Mount

  • Available for System 75 & 100 masts
  • Max height of 13m (with System 100)
  • Compatible with 3.5m IAMs
  • MIL-STD-810G

Rolatube’s new innovative 3.5m IAM mount kit, enables you to raise your System 75 single tube mast or System 100 mast to previously unattainable heights.

The mount kit enables the user to add the Rolatube 3.5m IAMs onto System 75 single tube masts (up to 5m) and System 100 masts (up to 10m), thereby enabling the following frequencies at even greater heights: 30-300MHz (SQUAD), 136-470MHz (TEAM) and 136-175MHz (RESQ). Heights achieved are up to 8m on the System 75 masts and up to 13m on the System 100 masts.

Manufactured to adhere to MIL STD 810G, the Rolatube 3.5m IAM mount kit is unique to Rolatube Technology, manufacturer of the lightest weight mast systems in the world.

Description Part Number Deployed Height Total Height Kit Weight
3.5m IAM Mount for System 75 mast*
3m (9.8’)
≤8m (26.3')
1.82kg (4.01lb)
3.5m Mount for System 100 mast
3m (9.8’)
≤13m (42.7')
2.26 kg (4.98Ib)
* Max mast height 5m
Sector: Mast Systems - Civilian
Sector: Tactical Mast Systems - Military