Combination System

  • Increase deployment speed
  • Reduce the number of personnel required
  • Deploy at variable heights
  • Remove the need for guy ropes
  • Civilian specification

A Rolatube combination system further increases the capability of a Rolatube mast, whilst retaining the key attributes of light weight, portability and low packed volume.

Adding a mast adaptor to a Rolatube tripod turns it into a stable support system for a Rolatube mast, which then removes the requirement for guy ropes and pegs where conditions allow. This is useful for certain types of terrain such as hard rock, urban or hardstanding areas that make conventional deployment using guy ropes and pegs impractical. In addition,  the tripod acts  as a stabiliser while the mast is being raised and reduces the number of people required for deployment.

Adding a Rolacage further increases the capability of the system by speeding deployment and enabling the mast to be set at any height up to its maximum using the integrated brake function.

A combination system combines one or more of the following:

  • SYSTEM 75 or 100 Mast
  • SYSTEM 75 Rolacage
  • SYSTEM 50 Tripod

Please refer to the individual product pages for technical details.


Please refer to the individual product pages for information.
Sector: Mast Systems - Civilian