Rolacage for SYSTEM 75

  • Lightweight and strong
  • Faster mast deployment at variable heights
  • Can be carried or vehicle mounted


The Rolacage enhances the operation of a SYSTEM 75 Single Tube Mast. It enables all System 75 single tube masts to be deployed and recovered more quickly and at variable heights up to the masts maximum. The Rolacage can be pegged to the ground or bolted to the deck of a vehicle or trailer and the mast can be stored in the Rolacage if required.


Compatibility: System 75: Single Tube Mast, all System 75 variants.

Material: HDPE, Aluminium

Description Part Number Dimensions cm Weight kg (lbs)
System 75 Rolacage
W33 x D272 x H27
2.3 (5.1)
Sector: Mast Systems - Civilian
Sector: Tactical Mast Systems - Military