• 3.5m Integrated Antenna Mast
  • Tuned to 136-175Mhz frequencies
  • High performance and efficiency
  • Compact, light, and fast to deploy
  • Can be hand-held or guyed
  • Civilian specification


The SYSTEM IAM RESQ 3.5m Integrated Antenna Mast is an exceptional portable radio antenna mast that increases the communications capability of first responders, federal and NGO users. Often operating in challenging environments, the IAM’s compactness, light weight and high performance are essential requirements to increase capability and establish essential response infrastructure.

This unique design of this portable radio antenna mast ensures there is no conductivity or signal loss when in contact with grounded objects. Tuned to 136-175Mhz, the high efficiency of the integrated omni-directional antenna in the RESQ IAM delivers significant increases in range capability and performance for VOR communications compared to traditional equipment. To further enhance the system’s capability, ancillary kits are available to allow the mounting of additional lightweight antenna to the top of the mast, thereby expanding the system to L-Band and data frequencies.

The Rolatube Integrated Antenna Mast system is manufactured using our unique rollable composite to provide reliable operation over its lifetime. The mast is simply unrolled and plugged into the the users radio with no further equipment or setup required. The mast can be hand held or simply propped up against a structure or vegetation leaving the user to quickly and efficiently access high quality communications. Uniquely, the mast body incorporates a tough, weatherproof cover which is available in a range of colours enabling the mast to be either easily identifiable or blend into to its environment as required.

The ‘RESQ’ IAM weighs just 1.9kgs (4.2lbs) and has a rolled size of 15cm x 15cm x 15cm (6″ x 6″ x 6″).  Multiple deployment options are possible and the mast can either be handheld,  supported with guy ropes, or elevated via the rigging point. This enables dismounted personnel to quickly access high performance communications infrastructure in challenging environments and scenarios.

  • Construct & Finish: PP & glass fibre composite mast, integrated dipole antenna.
  • Mast Cover: Polyester fabric cover in solid black, orange or blue colours.
  • Environmental: Water & dust proof. Maintenance free.
  • Wind Rating: 100kmh (62 mph) bare mast only, secured with guy ropes and ground pegs.

Available colours:


Diameter mm (in) Max Height m (ft) Version Frequency Range (Mhz) System Weight Kg (lbs) System Part No.
51 (2)
3.5 (11.5)
2.8 (4.8)
Sector: Mast Systems - Civilian