Mast Support Adaptors

  • Available for single and double tube masts
  • Easy & quick attachment to the tripod head
  • Secure clamp for the mast

The mast support adaptor enables a Rolatube tripod to be used as a support for either a System 75 or 100 mast where conditions allow. This is useful if normal guyed deployment of the mast is not possible because ground pegs cannot be used. Quick and secure attachment to the tripod head is provided with a strong clamp to support the mast.

  • Removes the need for guy ropes where conditions allow
  • Provides additional support during mast deployment and thereby reducing the number of personnel required.

Two versions are available for use with either the single or double tube mast.

Material: Thermoplastic

Description Dimensions mm (ins) Weight (Kg) Part No.
For System 75 Single Tube Mast
102 x 180 (approx 4 x 7)
0.4 (0.8)
For System 75 Double Tube Mast
102 x 180 (approx 4 x 7)
0.4 (0.8)
For System 100 Single Tube Mast
131 x 213 (approx 5 x 8.5)
0.9 (2.0)
Sector: Mast Systems - Civilian
Sector: Tactical Mast Systems - Military