Rolatube's unique rollable composite enables it to be used in a wide range of industrial applications and the first commercial use of Rolatube technology was as a composite inspection boom. This was used to examine the core of MAGNOX nuclear reactors, successfully reducing the time needed for inspections and removing the need for expensive, custom transporters.

Capable of being deployed at any angle, from vertically upwards and downwards systems to cantilever and adjustable booms to form reeled “crane” jibs, Rolatube composite inspection booms can simplify and reduce the costs of many inspection tasks.


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A Rolatube composite inspection boom can operate over distances of up to 30 metres, but there is no theoretical limit to the length of boom that can be produced. Additionally, conductors and data lines can be carried within the deployed boom, significantly reducing the complexity of separate umbilical feeds.

As a result of our contribution, Rolatube was awarded British Energy’s Outstanding Achievement award for the inspection of the Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor at Hartlepool and has continued to develop and supply systems to the Nuclear and HAZCHEM industries worldwide.