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At Rolatube, we are dedicated to providing solutions that excel in the most demanding environments. Rolatube products are the perfect fit for the industrial sector, offering solutions that are robust, reliable, and tailored to meet the unique challenges of this industry.


Rolatube products have been tried, tested and are trusted by the most demanding sector: the military. We have created this range of products to bring the same benefits to the industrial sector that also demand quality solutions to bring unrivalled weight, space, and time advantages.


Our commitment to quality and performance is paramount. Rolatube products meet and often exceed industry standards, ensuring that they can withstand the rigors of the industrial sector. These standards encompass factors such as durability, reliability, and environmental resilience, all of which are critical in industrial applications.​

Portable Design

Man-portable and ideal for fast deployment in challenging environments, Rolatube mast and tripod systems are used by Search & Rescue teams, Fire & emergency services, Coastguard services, mountain rescue and disaster response charities worldwide.

Quickly Deployed

Accessories are available to provide even greater ease, speed and flexibility, and can enable deployment with just two personnel.

Space Saving

Developed to equip and support personnel operating in the most extreme and challenging situations, the technology has proven to be essential not just for emergency response teams, but any other agency for whom weight, spacesavings and speed of operations are crucial.

Lightweight & Compact

Designed to complement advances in communication and surveillance technology, they are lightweight, compact and strong, bringing advantages to perimeter control, area lighting, and other site infrastructure applications.

What truly sets Rolatube apart is our use of innovative rollable composite material. This unique material offers a remarkable combination of strength and lightweight design. In industrial settings, where equipment must endure tough conditions and heavy use, our rollable composite material ensures longevity and dependability.

We recognize the importance of efficiency and versatility in industrial operations. Our products are intentionally designed to be lightweight, compact, and strong. This design facilitates easy transport, quick setup, and the ability to adapt to various industrial applications. Whether it's for equipment maintenance, inspection, or general operations, Rolatube products offer the ideal balance of performance and portability.

​The industrial sector encompasses a wide range of applications, from maintenance to inspection, and from manufacturing to infrastructure development. Rolatube products are versatile and adaptable, making them suitable for a broad spectrum of industrial uses. Our mast systems can be employed for tasks such as monitoring, inspection, data collection, and more, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

Explore the Industrial Range

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