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Central Guy Control System (CGC)

Central Guy Control System (CGC)


The Central Guy Control (CGC) can be used with the System 75 and System 100 masts to bring unparalleled ease, speed and flexibility to deployment. By bringing the control of three guy ropes to one person, the CGC uniquely enables the deployment of a mast system of up to 10m (32.8’) by only 2 people, instead of the usual 4.


A video showing the CGC being used in the setup of the SYSTEM 100 mast is here.


Note: Lower maximum top loads apply when used with the SYSTEM 100 mast.


Description Part Number Weight kg (lb)
CGC for 3 & 4m mast 207-300004 1.9 (4.19)
CGC for 5 & 7m mast 207-300007 1.9 (4.19)
CGC for 8 & 10m mast 207-300010 1.9 (4.19)
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