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System 50 tripod with mast

Combination Systems


  • All components manufactured to adhere to the MILSTD-810G
  • Various options to enable:
    • Deployment by fewer personnel;
    • Deployment to be halted at intermediate heights;
    • Deployment without the use of guy ropes (where conditions allow).


A Rolatube combination system further increases the tactical capability of a Rolatube mast, whilst retaining the key attributes of light weight portability and low packed volume.


The use of a Mast Support Adapter (see Accessories) with a System 75 or 100 mast and a System 50 tripod enables the deployment of that mast without the use of guy ropes, where conditions such as wind speed allow. Mast deployment on rooftops, hard-standing or hard rock surfaces therefore becomes possible from small and lightweight packs.


In addition, the tripod acts as a stabiliser while the mast is being raised, thereby reducing the number of people needed for deployment.


The System 75 Rolacage (see Accessories) makes deployment of the System 75 mast even easier, as well as letting you stop deployment to at any height. So, for example, put your lights on a 7m mast, but if the site is sufficiently lit at 5m, put the brake on to secure the mast at that height.


A combination system combines two or more of the following:


  • System 75 or 100 Mast
  • System 75 Rolacage
  • System 50 Tripod


Available colours: Black, Multicam, Multicam Arid, Multicam Alpine

Note: Please refer to the individual product pages for information.

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