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Industrial Compact Tripod

Industrial Compact Tripod


Product Finishes: Black

Introducing the Industrial Compact Tripod (ICT). Ideal for mounting instruments for surveillance, civil engineering, construction and more, this strong tripod can manage top loads of <40kg (88lb) whilst packing down to just 190mm wide, 200mm deep and 180mm tall, when all the components are included.


You choose what you want from this tripod. On offer are legs of 650mm and 1250mm, and you can buy the basic stubby tripod with no legs, one set, or both, for a specific requirement or more flexibility. Along with an adjustable equipment deck, the Industrial Compact Tripod offers an operating height range spanning from 145mm to 1290mm.


What sets the ICT apart is its incorporation of Rolatube’s cutting-edge rollable composite material, ensuring reliable and maintenance-free operation from a tripod that packs down smaller than any other full-size tripod on the market.


Available in Black.


Leg Length (Angle) Stubby Config. (25Deg) 650mm Legs (25Deg) 1250mm Legs (25Deg) Stubby Config. (45Deg) 650mm Legs (45Deg)
Max. Top Load 40kg (88lb) 40kg (88lb) 40kg (88lb) 40kg (88lb) 20kg (44lb)
Max. Payload Height 240mm (9.4") 740mm (29.1") 1290mm (50.7") 220mm (8.6") 590mm (23.2")
Min. Payload Height 150mm (5.9") 650mm (25.2") 1200mm (47.2") 145mm (5.7") 500mm (19.6")


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