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System 30: Compact Tactical Tripod

System 30: Compact Tactical Tripod


Product Finishes
  • Rugged and strong tactical tripod;
  • Compact and easy to carry;
  • Maximum top load 40kg;
  • Minimum height 145mm;
  • Maximum height 1290mm
  • MIL-STD-810H


The System 30 Compact Tactical Tripod (CTT) packs smaller than any comparable conventional tripod, bringing the unique benefits common across the entire Rolatube product range to an extremely strong, stable and compact platform for a wide range of equipment and uses.


Manufactured to adhere to MIL STD 810H, the Compact Tactical Tripod has a system weight of 2.84kg* and packed dimensions of only 190mm wide x 200mm deep x 180mm tall (7.4” x 7.8” x 7”), but can handle top loads up to 40kg (88lb).


The CTT includes 2 sets of legs, one of 650mm and one of 1250mm, as well as an adjustable equipment deck giving a very wide operating height range between 145mm and 1290mm.


The CTT incorporates Rolatube’s unique rollable composite to provide reliable maintenance-free operation over its lifetime. Uniquely, the rollable composite material incorporates a tough, weatherproof cover which enables the tripod to blend into to its environment.


  • Construct & Finish: Aluminium, ABS, rollable composite
  • Composite Cover: UV resistant nylon fabric cover in either Black or Multicam
  • Environmental: Water & dust proof. Maintenance free.
  • Specification: Complies with the relevant sections of MIL-STD-810H


Available in multicam or black.



Complies with the relevant sections of MIL-STD-810H


Leg Length (Angle) Stubby Config. (25Deg) 650mm Legs (25Deg) 1250mm Legs (25Deg) Stubby Config. (45Deg) 650mm Legs (45Deg)
Max. Top Load 40kg (88lb) 40kg (88lb) 40kg (88lb) 40kg (88lb) 20kg (44lb)
Max. Payload Height 240mm (9.4") 740mm (29.1") 1290mm (50.7") 220mm (8.6") 590mm (23.2")
Min. Payload Height 150mm (5.9") 650mm (25.2") 1200mm (47.2") 145mm (5.7") 500mm (19.6")


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