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Revolutionising Defence Operations: The Rolatube Mast Advantage

In the ever-evolving landscape of defence operations, the choice of equipment can

mean the difference between success and challenges. The heart of our products is the

bistable rollable composite technology. This distinctive material, born out of years of

research and development, offers applications across diverse industries and

organisations. Let’s delve into how Rolatube is changing defence operations with one System from the range, System 100 masts.


System 100: Redefining Portable Mast Systems


The Rolatube System 100 masts was designed for the defence sector, but the benefits of these lightweight, portable masts are just as relevant to other users who need to mount equipment at height, be that lighting, communications or surveillance within emergency services, construction, railways and highways maintenance or civil engineering. The mast systems offer unparalleled advantages in terms of weight, volume and speed of deployment, benefits which are crucial in military operations and extremely beneficial to other users operating in situations lacking infrastructure.


Unrivalled Compactness


The System 100 boasts an exceptionally low packed volume, rolling down to a mere 29 x

42 x 25cm and weighing from 22kg. This portability is complemented by a top cap

offering a 30mm socket for mounting ancillary equipment, offering a

comprehensive solution for on-the-go defence operations.


Enhancing Deployment Efficiency


To further streamline deployment, accessories such as the Central Guy Control are

available. This accessory significantly reduces the number of personnel required for

mast setup, enabling a fast and efficient process with just two or three individuals.

Built to Withstand Tactical Environments


Manufactured in compliance with relevant sections of MIL-STD-810G, the Rolatube

System 100 portable masts ensure reliable operation over their lifetime in the most

demanding tactical environments.

The rollable composite construction sets it apart, providing a level of durability and resilience essential for defence applications. In essence, Rolatube mast systems, with their innovative design, unique materials, and a focus on adaptability, are not just tools—they are force multipliers, empowering defence personnel to operate with unprecedented efficiency and agility.


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