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Dual Innovation: Seamless Transition from Military to Industrial Applications

Updated: Apr 17

In the realm of innovation, the trajectory of a product often spans beyond its original

purpose, finding applications in diverse sectors. At Rolatube, this dual innovation

journey is exemplified by the seamless transition of products between military and

industrial applications. Let’s delve into the fascinating convergence of military grade

technology and industrial practicality, spotlighting the revolutionary System 50 Tripod.


Built for the Battlefield


The System 50 tripod was born out of the need for a robust, full-sized tripod. Crafted to withstand the rigours of military operations, it stands tall, both literally and metaphorically, with a choice of length lengths in 1m, 2m and 3m. Adhering to the highest standards, the tripod is a stalwart companion on the battlefield. The System 50 tripods have been tested by the best in the military sector in the harshest of environs and scenarios; their performance can therefore be relied upon by other sectors needing strength in a compact format.


Adaptable Beyond Borders


The System 50's adaptability takes centre stage with the introduction of an adaptor.

Beyond its primary role, this tripod seamlessly transforms into a versatile support

system for the Rolatube System 75 and System 100 masts. This innovative feature

eliminates the need for guy ropes under suitable conditions, providing a groundbreaking solution for stability in both military and industrial scenarios.


Key Features


● Wide Operating Range: With a wide operating range, the System 50 becomes

the go-to platform for mounting and deploying surveillance technology, catering

to the dynamic needs of military and industrial applications alike.


● Heavy Payload Capacity: Despite its low weight, the System 50 handles top

loads of up to 115kg, ensuring stability for a diverse range of equipment across

various operational landscapes.


● Efficiency in Design and Deployment: Maintaining inherent strength, the

System 50 boasts a compact design for a low packed volume.. Efficiency meets strength in every aspect.


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