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Unveiling the Industrial Compact Tripod: A Revolution in Stability and Portability

In the realm of industrial equipment, where strength, stability, and portability are paramount, the Industrial Compact Tripod (ICT) from Rolatube stands out as a game-changing innovation. Let's embark on an in-depth exploration of this marvel, understanding how it transcends conventional tripods to become an essential tool across various industrial sectors, including civil engineering, construction, highway maintenance just to name a few.


The Foundation of Excellence


At the core of the ICT's exceptional capabilities lies a commitment to excellence in design and functionality. The Industrial Compact Tripod has originated from the original Rolatube CTT (Compact Tactical Tripod) that has been used by some of the toughest, in military and defence operations. The ICT is a testament to reliability and durability in the most challenging industrial environments.


Compact Yet Mighty


One of the standout features of the ICT is its compact design, setting it apart from any comparable conventional tripod. Packed into dimensions of only 190mm wide x 200mm deep x 180mm tall (7.4” x 7.8” x 7”), the ICT defies expectations with its ability to fit into confined spaces, making it an ideal companion for industrial operations where space is often at a premium.


Payload Powerhouse


Don't be fooled by its size – the ICT boasts a maximum equipment payload of 40kg (88lb). This impressive capacity opens up a world of possibilities for industrial applications, allowing it to support a wide range of equipment essential for tasks in civil engineering, construction, and highway maintenance.


Versatility in Action


Equipped with the option of two sets of leg lengths, measuring 650mm and 1250mm, the ICT offers a versatile range of operating heights. Its adjustable equipment deck further enhances this versatility, providing a height range between 145mm and 1290mm. This adaptability ensures that the ICT is not a one-size-fits-all solution but a tailored tool ready to meet the specific demands of diverse industrial settings.


Rollable Composite Magic


At the heart of the ICT's reliability and maintenance-free operation is Rolatube's unique rollable composite material. This technological marvel not only ensures the structural integrity of the tripod but also incorporates a tough, weatherproof cover. This innovative feature enables the ICT to seamlessly blend into its environment, providing a discreet and integrated solution for industrial operations where aesthetics matter.


Applications Across Industrial Sectors


Civil Engineering: In the field of civil engineering, where precision and stability are non-negotiable, the ICT finds its place as an indispensable tool. Whether used for surveying equipment, monitoring instruments, or other critical devices, the ICT's compact design and payload capacity make it an asset in the engineer's toolkit.


Construction: In the dynamic world of construction, the ICT becomes a reliable companion for deploying equipment at various heights. From surveying and mapping tools to communication devices, the ICT's versatility ensures that it adapts to the ever-changing demands of construction sites.


Highway Maintenance: For highway maintenance crews working in diverse conditions, the ICT's ability to blend into the environment while providing stable support becomes crucial. Whether used for surveillance equipment, communication devices, or lighting solutions, the ICT ensures that highway maintenance tasks are executed with precision and efficiency.


The Industrial Compact Tripod (ICT) is packed full of innovation, combining strength, stability, and portability in a compact design. Its adaptability to diverse industrial sectors, including civil engineering, construction, and highway maintenance, makes it a versatile and essential tool for professionals who demand excellence in their equipment. As industries evolve, the ICT stands ready to redefine how stability and portability intersect in the world of industrial equipment.


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